Post-Election Audit Confirmed Results


Release date: Immediate Release – June 10, 2024

Contact: Kerri Tompkins, Scott County Auditor 563-326-8631 (office)

Scott County Post-Election Audit Confirms Results

DAVENPORT – Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, Kerri Tompkins, announced that a Post-Election Audit of the ballots cast in D73 in the recent primary election confirmed the results from election night.

Her office conducted the Post-Election Audit on June 7, 2024 at 9:30 am. The Office of Iowa Secretary of State selected D73 for the Post-Election Audit by lot. The Secretary required that each county in Iowa to conduct an audit of the election results from a precinct randomly drawn by the Secretary’s Office.

The office of U.S. House was hand counted by a board of three election officials, who did not serve in D73 on the election, and compared to the machine count of the same ballots. The hand counted results confirmed the vote totals for each candidate were the same as the totals counted by machine on election night.

June 10, 2024